Ken Ogawa – Ninja Blade

Ninja Blade - Ken

Based on the consideration of occasions of Kuroh Sakamoto manual created Ken following the 2011 Episode of Alpha Worms‘ activities. Finding a guy from Kanbe Ogawa’s title was resistant towards the leader viruses his DNA was obtained which defense increased and remote producing a cloned “boy” that will become called Ken Ogawa.

Ken Ogawa

However the test was failing because along with being harmful towards the Leader Viruses Ken’s body was also harmful to normal people aswell. Creating the all of the situation Ken was competed in the method of the Shinobi by his “dad” and Ways Of accelerated aging were used to develop Ken to adulthood within four years.

Like a person Ken is unacquainted with his strange history and childhood beyond the truth that he was created in to the Ogawa family and it has quickly befriended another people of his device including Kuroh Sakamoto his rival and Andy Walker the pilot of the group.